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  • 14 Upson Ter East Haven, CT, 06512, USA - Annex
    There is no crib in front of my house and the grass is quickly eroding away. I can even see what I believe to be cobblestones under the paving on the road. There is a opening for the water department there and the pipe in the ground soon enough with be exposed, as well, if something isn't done to stop the eroding. I'm the only house without a curb.
  • Upson Terrace New Haven, CT - East Shore
    As you can see in the picture posted that the curb is completely gone and it is now eroding the dirt and parts of the road.
  • Upson Terrace New Haven, Connecticut - East Shore

    There is no curb out in front of my house and where the street meets the grass is completely eroding away. It is to the point where there is a hole in the ground and you can see what looks to be brick or even cobblestone from years and years ago.

    How can I get this fixed before it becomes an even bigger issue than it is?