Chantal House

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  • 112-114 East 18th Street Brooklyn New York - City Council District 40

    My toddler and I were walking northbound on East 18th Street and Tennis Ct at approx. 4pm this afternoon (06/08/2018) when a driver mounted the sidewalk at frightening speed, didn't look left or right as was oblivious that she could have killed two people. Two women also witnessed the near-accident and were similarly outraged.

    I went back to check for any signage (pedestrian or driver) and there is nothing to indicate that cars are allowed to enter the sidewalk like this. In addition, parked cars obstruct sight lines making it difficult to see oncoming drivers. Especially ones that don't slow down.

    Inside the car park there is a warning sign to reduce speed and give pedestrians the right of way but nothing similarly displayed on the entrance.

    This is a case of a seriously incompetent driver but I think a simple thing like the DOT painting the sidewalk yellow to indicate to pedestrians to treat that section differently would help.