Rank: Municipal Avenger Civic Points: 680
  • 3229–3243 Sw Topeka Blvd Topeka 66611, United States - City of Topeka Council District 5
    Signal has begun constantly switching to 32nd for nobody for a few days/nights. Possibly broken or misconfiguration of sensors. Topeka blvd & SW 32nd.
  • Sw Huntoon St Topeka 66604, United States - City of Topeka Council District 9
    Inadequate address previous problem. This issue is able to only be observed properly when no other traffic is present. Signal regularly fails to detect left-turn only traffic until other traffic comes. Sometimes not even then. Both traffic desiring left turn off ramp, and traffic west bound seeking left-turn off Huntoon. Signal only detected left turn traffic apparently during specific portion of switch cycle that only occurs with other traffic present. With no other traffic it simply doesn’t detect left turning lanes adequately.
  • 1200–1248 Sw Arvonia Pl Topeka 66615, United States - City of Topeka Council District 9
    Traffic signal failure to detect west bound left turning traffic, waiting to turn onto Arvonia Pl. This whole post has been easy to write in the ample time the signal has failed to change in. The previous vehicle drove forward and U-turned.
    Though I can’t really understand why more lights in Topeka don’t flash caution at night for the dominant direction, and stop/go for the other direction. The whole point of being in a vehicle is to be traveling, not stationary for nobody.
  • Street Repair Archived
    1613 Sw Willow Ave Topeka 66606, United States - City of Topeka Council District 1
    A large new lump has appeared here in the pavement and appeared to be leaking water. On westbound Willow Ave, at the intersection of Woodlawn. When i saw it it appeared to be about 3-4inches above the normal grade. I drive this segment of road several times a day and am certain I would have noticed it had it been there before.