Rango: Civic Crusader Mga Puntong Sibiko: 340
  • Pothole Kinilala
    450 Chevelle Ln Ne Decatur, GA, 30030, USA - Decatur
    There is a significant dip in the center of the road on Chevelle Lane between 450 and 454 Chevelle Decatur 30030. It has been there for quite some time and needs to be fixed so we don't have to drive around it or straddle it with our vehicles. Thanks
  • 2914 Chevelle Ln Ne Atlanta, GA, 30317, USA - East Lake
    There is a HUGE pothole that covers the entire westbound side of the street at 2914 Chevelle Lane. There are also two other potholes in the street at 2920 Chevelle Lane and 2924 Chevelle Lane. The huge pothole at 2914 Chevelle Lane has been there since late October and was reported on SeeClickFix on 11/11/18 by a neighbor (Service Request 1132035768) and then this request was closed BUT NOT FIXED. Another neighbor reported the pothole to SeeClickFix on 12/03/18 (Service Request 1133153163) which is still open ALMOST 2 MONTHS LATER AND THE POTHOLE HAS STILL NOT BEEN FIXED! IT IS A MAJOR ROAD HAZARD!!! PLEASE resolve this ASAP!!!