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  • 1374 Forsyth St Macon, GA 31201, USA - Macon
    1360 and 1374 Forsyth Street are owned by the same slumlord. There are four apartments per house and as far as we can tell, there are at least two people in almost every apartment, we've counted at least 16 occupants. That is too many people living in one spot. There are eight trash cans, very rarely are they lined up. They're lined up in the picture because I arranged them myself. Most of the time they strewn about in the alley, and there is always garbage littering the yards and parking areas. The satellite dish in the picture has been there for several years now even though we've reported it several times. He has only provided four parking spots per house which means the overflow spills onto Progress Street where there is barely enough parking for the people who live on that street.
  • 1083 Washington Ave Macon, GA 31201, USA - Macon
    Looks like something underground has burst/broken. Quite a bit of water on hill below spillway on Washington Avenue side.
  • 1360 Forsyth St Macon, GA 31201, USA - Macon
    Behind 1360 and 1374 Forsyth Street, in the alley, where their garbage bins are kept, trash on the ground continues to be a problem. It doesn't matter if the garbage trucks just ran or its the day before, there is always trash in the alley and strewn through both yards. The same man owns both properties.
  • 626 College St Macon, GA 31201, USA - Macon
    Light cover is on ground and fixture is hanging off of pole
  • 780 Progress St Macon, GA 31201, USA - Macon
    House is in severe disrepair and yard is not being maintained. There are at least two holes in the roof, shutters are falling off of house. Yard is grown up so much that neither garage is accessible. The back yard is grown up as well and owner has a dog. There is trash not only around the garages but also within the grown up yard. The back yard is not fit for a dog and the owner does not walk it, animal welfare may want to get involved. Owner is a hoarder, LOTS of stuff goes in but nothing ever comes out, adult services may want to get involved.
  • 761 Progress St Macon, GA 31201, USA - Macon
    Yard waste
  • 761 Progress St Macon, GA 31201, USA - Macon
    Yard waste
  • 735 Progress St Macon, GA 31201, USA - Macon
    1360 and 1374 Forsyth Street continue to have issues. Garbage is still a problem. There is a couch, mattress, TV, and satellite dish sitting in the back of the houses, in the alley. They have been there for over a month. Owner does not maintain his properties.
  • 735 Progress St Macon, GA 31201, USA - Macon
  • Address Unavailable - Macon
    On Progress Street, the recycling has been missed two times in a row now. That means our bins have a month's worth of recycling in them and cannot wait another two weeks.
  • 700 Progress St Macon, GA 31201, USA - Macon
    There is a silver Volkswagen sedan at 795 Progress Street that hasn't moved in over a year and has become an eyesore.
  • Address Unavailable - Macon
    Property is not properly maintained by landlord. Garbage cans are consistently strewn about. There is so much garbage in one place that one can smell it a block away and rats are running to and from the garbage. There has been a couch, upholstered chair, large tube TV, and satellite dish in the garbage area for at least six weeks. There are full grown plants growing in the gutters and have been there for months. The front and back doors are no longer on hinges. 1360 Forsyth Street (next door) is owned by the same person and that house has a roach infestation. It also has had clothes hanging on the front porch for months. There is a ramp on the back of the house for a disabled resident that he often cannot use because rain will push debris to the end of the ramp making it inaccessible. There is a burgundy Ford Expedition with a flat tire that hasn't moved in at least a month parked in the lot behind the house. Landlord has been notified by both residents and neighbors but shows no interest in fixing these issues.
  • Appleton And St. Paul Street Macon, Georgia - Macon
    There are two piles of yard debris on the sidewalk at Appleton and St. Paul Street, in order to pass, pedestrians have to leave the sidewalk. These piles have been there at least two weeks.
  • Orange Street And Dures Lane Macon, Georgia - Macon
    Trash can in park (Orange Street and Dures Lane) has been overflowing for at least a week.