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  • Street Signs Archived
    2224 Blue Ridge Blvd Birmingham, AL 35226, USA - Hoover
    Yellow arrow/15 mph street sign is worn and you cannot see it at night going around the sharp bend on Blue Ridge Blvd towards Shades Mtn Elementary. Sign is falling down and continues to fall when it rains as this area floods and the dirt shifts. The other yellow arrow signs are also worn and are not easily identifiable, especially at night.
  • 2126 Blue Ridge Blvd Hoover, AL 35226, USA - Hoover
    Weeds and debris clogging street drainage channels on Blue Ridge Blvd
  • 2114 Darlington St Hoover 35226, United States - Hoover
  • 2212 Blue Ridge Blvd Hoover 35226 United States - Hoover
  • 1201 Chester Street Hoover, Alabama - Hoover
    There is an overgrown bush/tree on the corner of chester st and blue ridge blvd that makes it nearly impossible to see road traffic when turning left onto blue ridge blvd from chester st. You cannot see if it is safe to turn because the bush/tree completely blocks your view of the road and oncoming traffic.
  • Street Signs Archived
    2221 Blue Ridge Boulevard Birmingham, Alabama - Hoover
    Speed sign adjacent to Wayne Dr is not visible at all because of tree branches