Mayor Bruce A. Harris

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    15 Inwood Road Chatham, NJ - Chatham Borough

    The guy who called about his cable yesterday, Doug Trump, left me a message to say that, after much effort, he got Optimum to come out and fix his line. So that's all set.

    The curious thing is that he said that a guy in an unmarked (i.e. not cable or another utility) truck was working up the pole (Doug is at 15 Inwood) on Friday, 3/22 at about 12:30 or so. The power went out for about 5 minutes - while the guy was working - and then when it came on something about the outage had messed up his Optimum connection. Could you ask the police to investigate with the various utilities and see if they had someone working there at that time?


    Doug's tel is 862-812-8620

  • 19 S Passaic Ave Chatham, NJ 07928, USA - Chatham Borough
    crumbling badly
  • 49 S Passaic Ave Chatham, NJ 07928, USA - Chatham Borough
    dumpsters are overflowing!
  • 51 Hedges Ave Chatham, NJ, 07928, USA - Chatham Borough
    Good morning.
    I would like to bring to your attention a new and dangerous situation that has developed in front of our house as well as several of our neighbors homes.
    There seems to be a drainage pipe coming from the new construction at #51 causing excessive flooding and dangerous icing in front of our home and driveway apron. This situation makes it impossible to park in front of our house and/or allow us to come into our driveway from the street.
    Also with my husband having Muscular Dystrophy it only magnifies the danger of it.
    Please see what can be done to stop this. It has never happened in front of our house before nor will it be tolerated.
    Thank you.
    Grace Walsh
    47 Hedges Ave
  • 67 Fairmount Avenue Chatham, NJ - Chatham Borough

    From: jean king
    Sent: Friday, December 28, 2018 8:36 PM
    To: Bruce Harris; Robin R. Kline
    Subject: Street light at corner of Red Road and Fairmont

    Hi, I am writing as a concerned citizen. Many people walk up Fairmont from the train on the east side of Fairmont and cross Red Road. It is very, very dark at that intersection. Is it possible to get a street light installed?
    Thank you,
    Jean King

  • 61 Elmwood Ave Chatham NJ 07928, USA - Chatham Borough
    bad dip near 61 (not 62) Elmwood
  • 42 Garden Chatham, New Jersey - Chatham Borough

    As reported to me today:

    Good Morning,

    A number of years ago the Borough planted two trees on my front lawn which I have had trimmed and shaped and taken care of over the years. Last night a truck with an arm and bucket came around 2 am. I heard the truck and thought they must be repairing a power line so went back to sleep. When I woke up the front half of the trees had been shorn off and branches and leaves were strewn all over my lawn. I called the police department who confirmed that it was not DPW. I eventually got in touch with JCP&L who confirmed they had cut the trees.

    I understand the need to keep tree limbs off of power lines, however, these trees have been completely disfigured by the excessive, careless, middle-of-the-night cutting.

    I am reaching out to you to find out if there is anything that can be done by the Borough to ask JCP&L to cut trees in a reasonable way and to come when the homeowner has an opportunity to know what they are doing instead of in the middle of night.

    Also, if the Commission has any ideas about how I can reshape the trees so that they will grow properly I would welcome any advice.

    I would appreciate any feedback from you.
    Thank you,

    Lara Dittmann
    42 Garden Avenue

  • 12 River Rd Chatham, NJ 07928, USA - Chatham Borough
    the new left turn lane lines have faded already and it's hard to tell the difference between the old markings and the nee
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    54 Fairmount Chatham, New Jersey - Chatham Borough
  • 92 Elmwood Chatham, New Jersey - Chatham Borough
    Branches down from this morning's storm.
    This is a test.