Rank: Municipal Avenger Civic Points: 990
  • 301 16th Street Jersey City, New Jersey - Downtown
    There is a deep ditch running right across Coles Street between 15th and 16th street. It is from the road work that was being done there the past few days. Desperately in need of steel plates over it.
  • Jersey Avenue And 16th Street Jersey City, New Jersey - Downtown
    The sidewalks on the east side of Jersey Avenue between 16th street and 18th street do not have stroller / wheelchair ramps. They are very high and the road below is very uneven making it extremely difficult to get a stroller on it by an able adult. I don't think a wheelchair operator will be able to navigate it at all.
  • 1 Mcwilliams Place Jersey City, New Jersey - Downtown
    This is to request changing to street cleaning hours to anything by 8am - 10am on the streets around Hamilton Park, especially the one on McWilliams Place where Hamilton Park Montessori School is. 8:45am is school drop-off time and it is very chaotic 4 of the 5 school days because the street cleaning crew decides to clean that street at precisely then. If the timing can't be changed, can the schedule be altered such that the crew comes there before 8:30am or after 9:30am, a time when parents / guardians are not dropping off the children? The warning honk of the traffic officer, the droning of the idling street cleaning vehicle, the impatient cars blocked by it, and the frantic dash of illegally parked cars makes school drop-off so chaotic and unsafe.
  • Thomas Gangemi Dr & Washington St Jersey City, New Jersey - The Waterfront
    Traffic lights are not operational, they are blinking. This is a massing intersection with numerous pedestrians walking to the PATH station. The intersection has become very chaotic and unsafe. Kindly look into this at the earliest.
  • 700 Grove Street Jersey City, New Jersey - Downtown
    The No Parking sign outside 700 Grove Street is confusing. The usual Street Cleaning hours have been covered with a sticker, however it is still kind of visible. So it is hard to ascertain whether we can't park during those hours, or whether we can park any time, or whether we can't park at all. Kindly rectify the sign.
  • 700 Grove Street Jersey City, New Jersey - Downtown
    Right in front of 700 Grove Street there is a One Way sign pointing south bound. However, there is active traffic on the north bound side. This is very dangerous. Probably the sign has not been covered up again after the weekend work. There are at least 2 more signs like this on Grove Street between 18th Street and Newark Street that display One Way sign.