Rank: Municipal Avenger Civic Points: 715
  • Ella Boulevard Houston, TX 77018, United States of America - Greater Heights
    Homeless people camping under bridge. They move from under bridge, to next to electric box tucked between CVS and Ella Blvd, etc. They move it around every few days back and forth. Many homeless begging the intersections here, often the same people all the same time. There is no shelter nearby so the only place they can sleep is under bridge, street, public parks, woods, alleys etc.
  • Other Acknowledged
    1717 West 23rd Street Houston, TX 77008, United States of America - Greater Heights
    There is no legal business at this residence. The Ella Screw Parts is not there nor was it ever really a legit business. This home constantly has cars and homeless people coming and going from it. Please investigate.
  • 1708 West 25th Street Houston, TX 77008, United States of America - Greater Heights
    This building appeared to be under construction, then just stopped and all the construction trash, debris, etc is still just sitting there. The trees, grass and bushes are all overgrown. There is no construction fence around property so its a safety hazard and attracts homeless. And it just looks terrible. Please site violations to the owner of this building.
  • Drainage Acknowledged
    Little Thicket Park Houston, TX 77008, United States of America - Greater Heights
    Turkey Gully at Little Thicket Park is full of trash and large debris. City needs to clean this up to prevent flooding, sewage, safety hazards, etc. Woods surrounded full of trash, old christmas tree, rotten construction fence, litter, etc. Walking trails are overgrown and pose safety concern and attract homeless camps and drug use.
  • Other Acknowledged
    4504 Nett St Houston, TX 77007, USA - Rice Military
    Train gates remain down with or without train coming. Cars are going around it anyways, but sometimes trains do come. Dangerous!