K. Hubbard

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    434 Seward Ave. Anne Arundel, Maryland - Brooklyn Park
    There is a tree in front of my house on the county owned plot of grass between the sidewalk and street that has been dying for several years. It continuously drops branches from age and when storms occur, landing on cars parked under it. An entire section fell several months ago and after blocking the street for two days, a neighbor cut it into pieces and we put it out for yard waste recycling.
    Today, my pest technician was here. Noticing the tree, he checked it and said it is infested with termites.
    Will Anne Arundel county please remove this before it completely collapses on a vehicle or the termites spread to my house?
    Thank you
  • 434 Seward Avenue Baltimore AA county, Maryland - Brooklyn Park

    Overgrown grass, weeds, shrubs, etc on this AA County owned hill in alley 27 behind 432 - 436 Seward Ave needs to be cut down to eliminate rodents, mosquitoes, etc.

    Am now too old and infirmed too do it myself.

    Thank you!