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  • Alexander St At Faculty Rd Princeton, New Jersey - Princeton
    A few years ago, some snow removal equipment ran into the traffic light on the north/northwest corner of the Alexander St and Faculty Rd intersection. This bent the pole slightly, and unfortunately in the direction of the road. The pole should be checked to make sure it's not structurally compromised.
  • Lawrence Dr Princeton, New Jersey - Princeton

    All along the west side of Alexander Rd, there are several locations where tree branches are overgrowing the sidewalk, preventing full use of the path (particularly when it rains and weighs the branches down). Some of these are trees on private single-owner property, but the majority of them I believe are either on public or University-owned property. I have already reported this twice to the University and nothing has happened, so I've decided to try here in case it's public property.

    **Again, this problem is for the whole length of Alexander from College Rd to the canal, not just the place I marked.**