Rank: Municipal Avenger Civic Points: 605
  • Md-32 W Clarksville, MD, 21029, USA - Howard County
    On MD 32 westbound, next to the slow shoulder, just west of the MD 108 overpass: There is a newly built tower with equipment on it (traffic camera?) The device has broken off of it's mounts and is dangling by a wire. If the wire breaks, it is possible the device will fall into moving traffic on MD 32.
  • 10651-10699 Shaker Dr Columbia, MD, 21046, USA - Columbia
    STOP SIGN DOWN. Southbound side of Shaker Drive at the intersection with Allview Drive.
  • Seneca Dr Columbia, MD, 21046, USA - Columbia
    Large highway style signage at the intersection of Seneca Drive and Shaker Drive was up-rooted and is now leaning against the sound barrier wall. Both uprights are out of the ground. Also, on the opposite side, as you head across the bridge on Seneca, the speed limit sign is leaning at a 45 degree angle.
  • Tree Concern Archived
    6551-6615 Carlinda Ave Columbia, MD, 21046, USA - Columbia
  • Seneca Drive At Shaker Drive Columbia, Maryland - Columbia
    The new street lights for the intersection of Shaker Drive and Seneca Drive are not coming on at night.
  • Bus System (RTA) Acknowledged
    9880 Broken Land Parkway Columbia, Maryland - Columbia
    Several signs on the bus shelters along Broken Land Parkway between Snowden and the Mall have the street abbreviated "BLB" instead of "BLP"