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  • 2362 Locke Ln Hoover 35226, United States - Hoover
    Reported 9 days ago and limbs are still here. Is there a phone number I can call bc I believe this request was missed. Reposting to be sure.
  • 4600-4698 S Lakeridge Dr Birmingham, AL, 35244, USA - Hoover
    Big limb pile was reported 9 days ago. It was acknowledged but I am afraid it got missed bc it is still there. Is there a phone number that I can call to report personally.
  • 2362 Locke Ln Birmingham, AL, 35226, USA - Hoover
  • 2362 Locke Lane Hoover, Nunavut - Hoover
    Our leaves (our street and surrounding streets) were missed. We placed our loose leaves out whe it was our time. The truck was several street up and actually told us they were be on our street in the next few days. That was several weeks ago. Never happened so now they are clogging the sewers.
  • Loose Leaves Archived
    2362 Locke Ln Birmingham, AL, 35226, USA - Hoover
    Our leaves have not been picked up. It is past due for our section.
  • 2362 Locke Lane Hoover, Alabama - Hoover
    I have limbs/debri that needs to picked up.