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  • 1057 Valley Forge Road Eagleville, Pennsylvania - King of Prussia
    RE: Heading E on 422, Exit at 23 in King of Prussia, make a left onto 23). The first time I tried this, thought I was following the white line and I ended up driving in the lane for oncoming traffic. Thankfully, it was 2am, so there were no cars, but it could have been a dangerous situation.
    if you are making a left-hand turn from 422 onto 23 AND you are in the left lane making that left turn, the white guidelines on the road are very confusing. The right lane for that left turn has a very clear white guideline showing you where to go, but the left lane for that turn has only the white guideline from the oncoming traffic lane and at night, it looks like that's the one you're supposed to take. But in reality, that's the one that oncoming traffic is to follow. So if you follow this by mistake, you end up in oncoming traffic. Very dangerous! Please repaint the lines so that they are clear or put up a sign in the medium that directs traffic to go around that medium because it's very hard to see at night.
  • N Charlotte St Pottstown, Pennsylvania - Pottstown
    If you are at the stop sign on Kauffman Road and want to make a left onto N. Charlotte St., it is actually nearly impossible to see the traffic coming from North Charlotte. Because the angle is so acute there, Kauffman practically runs parallel with Charlotte and it is impossible to see oncoming traffic in order to make a safe left turn.