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  • Street Light Archived
    46 Winter Street Malden, Massachusetts - Malden Ward 4
    Multiple street lights are broken on Winter Street near Oak Grove Station including those the should illuminate the crosswalks across Winter Street and Banks Place. This leaves the crosswalks and bridge very dark at night. This compounds the danger of crossing roads that are already scary to cross. The recently added lane eastbound on Winter on the bridge over the train tracks leads to increasingly chaotic traffic flow, and cars frequently try to zoom around stopped traffic on the right and left now, unaware that pedestrians are attempting to cross. I have seen numerous close calls . As the days shorten and the evening commute happens after dark, this situation will become more dangerous.
  • Intersection Of Main St. And Mountain Ave Malden, Massachusetts - Malden Ward 4
    The crosswalk at Main St and Mountain Ave is signaled by the antiquated method of red and yellow traffic lights lighting up simultaneously rather than a crossing light. I see cars fail to stop at the signal routinely as families, the elderly, and children try to cross the streets. I don't think the drivers even realize what the signal means. This intersection is a main crossing point for the people travelling to the Early Learning Center, YMCA, and senior housing. I think an actual crosswalk light would be helpful. Also, a signal that beeps when the walk light is lit would be useful here as multiple visually impaired pedestrians make use of this crossing in their daily lives.