Leslie M.

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    Alameda Nw Albuquerque, New Mexico - Ladera West

    The traffic going eastbound on Alameda has worsened tremendously due to traffic signals on Loretta Drive, Thomas Lane and Guadalupe Trail. These lights are timed and causes eastbound traffic to stop and back up over the river even when there is no vehicles on those cross streets.

    Today, it took me about 1 hour to go from my address in the Saltillo neighborhood to cross the Rio Grande. Once I passed Guadalupe Trail, traffic was moving. There was major gridlock and this is now becoming typical.

    Last week, the traffic light at Loretta Drive was only timed to allow 1-2 vehicles going eastbound on Alameda to pass. The light, again seems timed and caused a huge gridlock.

    I come from back east and traffic is not a big deal, but when it is caused due to a lack of understanding traffic flow and light timing, it is beyond frustrating. Besides the issues of pollution when so many vehicles are just stopped in one concentrated area.

    Please look into this situation. I know I'm not the only westsider that sees it. I appreciate your attention to this matter.
    Leslie Mouser