Gregory Mock

Rank: Civic Crusader Civic Points: 275
  • 1982 Pleasant Valley Avenue Oakland, California - Mountain View Cemetery

    Tonight at 2:00 AM persons were dumping their construction debris into the AAA dumpster two nights in a row. Right after the dumping, 20 minutes later, power washing started up. The loud noise from the machine can be clearly hear across the parking lot of Safeway, being conducted at one of their tenants. Other nights I am awaken by deliveries at all times of the night. I have reported so many issues, to Nor Cal, the management company, with some success, but with so many complaints, I think they are ignoring me.

    I have lived at this house for 20 years. Since the remodel of the center, I have had nothing but noise disturbances. This is not fair or right and something needs to be done. The previous Supervisor was sympathetic when she was here ias a supervisor. I actually got them to listen.

    I’ve written to supervisor Kalb, but I have never had a reply, but I thought I would give it one more try. I know that these disturbances are against code. I just want my rest and sleep. Please do something. I am desperate.