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    2101 Montana Ave Ne St. Petersburg, FL 33703, USA - Shore Acres Civic Association
    Not sure if this is something that can be facilitated by the City of St. Pete, but my neighbor's back yard is totally overgrown with weeds and invasive foliage, almost to the height of my fence and growing over items like bicycles in their yard, for the past 6 months. I have trimmed back the overgrowth encroaching my fence/yard a few times already and the kudzu is way out of control again. It has become a haven for rodents and snakes I have seen coming into my yard from that area and pose a danger to my dogs when in my yard and makes me cautious about getting too close to trim back what is growing into my yard.
    Their front yard is well maintained so I don't understand why back yard is such a mess. With all the rain this summer, and the low water table here in Shore Acres, water pools along the fence line anyway for several days, so not sure what is breeding there under all the weeds, such as mosquitoes, etc.
    What are my options for getting this addressed?