Thomas Bryan

Rank: Civic Crusader Civic Points: 340
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    657 Craghead St Danville 24541, United States - Danville
    Please cut this tree back so the branches will not be hanging over the sidewalk. Thank you.
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    931–987 Riverside Dr Danville 24540, United States - Danville
    It would nice if the Riverwalk is scraped and salted correctly. There are sections of the riverwalk that was half way scraped in between sections of walk that have been cleared perfectly. It makes no sense to do a half way job on some sections of the riverwalk but do a wonderful job on others. Thank you.
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    1109 N Riverwalk Trl Danville 24540, United States - Danville
    It would nice, if bathrooms next to public works where unlock. People still use the riverwalk during fall/winter months of the year. These bathroom have been left unlock regardless of the season. If they still need to be repair due to storm damaged, please provide porta johns in the public works parking lot. Thank you. Marathon Runner.