Rank: Municipal Avenger Civic Points: 900
  • 2417 Martin Luther King Junior Way Oakland, California - Hoover-Foster
    Growing homeless camp on the side of the street NOT designated for homeless encampments and it is growing every day as there is no one stopping it from happening. There are people shooting up here, getting into fights, and their stuff is blocking the sidewalk. See in this image one of the camp residents who has left a berth that is NOT wide enough for people in wheelchairs or with strollers. This is happening right outside someone's residence. This is a HAZARD to the community. This means people in wheelchairs must navigate into the STREET to get anywhere. Not to mention the rampant drug use and violence that is occurring. The camp on the other side of the street should be enough. Please clear out this insane dangerous hazard to the community!
  • 2323 Martin Luther King Jr Way Oakland 94612, United States - Hoover-Foster
    Problem was reported as addressed but it was not so reporting again. Pile of junk appliances mattresses debris broken glass and other items outside of children’s park on 25th and MLK. People shooting up on residents stoop. Please clear out junk as pedestrians are unable to navigate sidewalk. There are also drug addicts living in this junk that need help.
  • 2413 Martin Luther King Jr Way Oakland 94612, United States - Hoover-Foster
    Junk is collecting on west side of MLK on corner of 25th. People sleeping and fighting on west side of street next to residences and children’s park making it impossible to navigate sidewalk. People seen shooting up in plain sight. Please remove junk so pedestrians can use at least one side of sidewalk.
  • 2415 Martin Luther King Junior Way Oakland California - Hoover-Foster
    The situation outside of the 25th street mini park is getting increasingly worse. Homeless camp has spilled to other side of street and overtaken children's park and sidewalk outside. Pedestrians have to walk in street to avoid broken glass, needles, shopping carts, mattresses, and other junk. Nothing has been done about this for WEEKS.