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  • 14501-14999 Nw Water Stream Dr Harvest, AL, 35749, USA - Huntsville
    Construction is being completed by Hyde Homes, we have been working with them since Nov on this. We still dont have a solition on drainage. Now clay mud pits are being formed in my front yard.
  • 14176 Woodcove Lane Harvest, Alabama - Huntsville
    We as the neighborhood cut the owners front yard this weekend as it is was extremely high. Since the home is for sale, since we have kids in the neighborhood we don't want snakes in the area. But when we look at the backyard the grass is extremely high. Is there a way that we can have someone cut the backyard.
  • 14274 Water Stream Drive Harvest, Alabama - Huntsville
    Recently I called the city to ask about the owners of this lot busheling it. Since it is at the front entrance of our neighborhood it is a nuisance. I have called the owners of the realtor of this property and they stated they would speak with the owners to cut down the overgrown area. I have seen snakes in this area and Kids/Adults walk this area of our neighborhood on a daily basis.
  • 29611 Laura Ridge Huntsville, Alabama - Huntsville
    29611 Laura Ridge has been vacant after there was a fire at that location. We have tried to find the property owners as an HOA to see if they can do routine cutting on the property. We have dealt with this situation for the past few years every summer. I recently called and reported this to the City of Madison, but it still has not been cut. Can someone come and access this situation, we are scared that kids will play in the area and snakes may be within the grassy area.
  • 14200 Woodcove Lane harvest, Alabama - Huntsville
    At the corner of Eaglebrook and Woodcove Lane (Harvest), the new builder Hyde Homes recently cut all of the trees in the area. After they were complete they did not put in a erosion barrier. As a result when water runs the mud from that location goes down the street all down that street into Woodcove. I have spoken with the Madison Commissioner and the builder Hyde Home, but nothing still has not been done.