Joanne Kalisz

  • Snow Plowing Archivado
    Oakland Ter Burlington, VT, 05408, USA - Burlington Electric
    We have 2 to 3 inches of snow and pushback from the street plows on our sidewalks on Oakland Terrace. They also have a number of school-age kids that walk to the bus and to school as well as older people who walk on the sidewalks. Please come back and replace the sidewalks on Oakland Terrace. They are noticeably worse than the ones on nearby streets like Staniford Road and North Avenue.
  • Icy Conditions Archivado
    05408 Burlington, VT, USA - Burlington Electric
    Could you please plow and salt the bike path that goes past the train tracks all the way up through Perkins pier? I’m noticing with the warmer than usual January weather and Covid restrictions, there’s a lot more people outside. It’s also important to keep paths as ice free as possible to prevent people from needing to use doctors in the emergency room so we can leave those resources free to handle Covid patients.
  • 05408 Burlington, VT, USA - Burlington Electric
    Illegal fireworks left on bench in public scenic outlook off of bike path. It is the new scenic outlook and between fitness station number four and North Beach.
  • 265-265 Shore Rd Burlington, VT, 05408, USA - Burlington Electric
    The trashcan and recycle can on the Burlington bike way that intersects shore Road in the new north end, has not been emptied for a couple weeks. It is now completely overflowing and trash is on the ground
  • 104 North Champlain Street Burlington, Vermont - Burlington Electric

    Pothole and sidewalk in need of repair at entrance of Sustainability Academy parking lot on Noth Champlain St (closest address is a residential dwelling at 104 N.Champlain)

    Spoke with staff at school and pot hole has been there for years and gets bigger each year. One of the persons I spoke with said that they called to have it fixed and it never was. They did not specify who they contacted. Thus I am filing an official request and documenting how long the repair takes and the process. I have seen and driven over the pothole for over a year. The sidewalk that spans the driveway is a mess: inadequate patching, bumpy, and uneven. Given that many small children and their families walk across this sidewalk to get to school each day, it must be fixed. Given that hard working teachers and staff have to drive through the pothole everyday to work for the city of Burlington risking wear and tear and potential flat tires, it must be fixed. Furthermore, when I spoke with multiple people, they said the city is responsible for maintenance on the portion of driveways between the sidewalk and street.

    Please do not instruct me to contact BSD as I have little faith they would acknowledge my request, let alone repair it.

    -Joanne Kalisz
    Burlington resident, teacher, & taxpayer