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  • Essex St Jersey City, NJ, 07302, USA - The Waterfront
    The ticket validator on the south platform at the Essex Street stop is still not working properly. It sounds like it is punching the ticket but the date and time are not being printed.
  • 6th St & Division St Jersey City, NJ, 07302, USA - Downtown
    Tree needs trimming desperately. It's actually covering a couple of signs. It's the North East corner of 6th and Division
  • 372 Newark Ave Jersey City, NJ, 07302, USA - Downtown
    This big metal cart has been on the corner of Division and Newark for about two weeks now.
  • 46 Essex Street Jersey City, New Jersey - The Waterfront
  • Marin And Grand Jersey City, New Jersey - Downtown
    There is construction on the south west corner of Grand and Marin. Pedestrians are forced out onto Grand street, the sidewalk is not properly blocked. The crossing guard was doing her best to cross people there but it was ridiculous, a giant piece of construction equipment is blocking the sidewalk. Also, no cops, no flag men at the site.
  • Division And Sixth St Jersey City, New Jersey - Downtown
    Tons of kids cross the intersection of ^th St and Division every morning because there's a bus stop right on Division and Newark. There's no stop sign on the 6th Street side. Also there is a crosswalk on Newark and Division right in front of the firehouse, where the bus stops and the kids cross there rather than going to the corner to the crossing guard, it's extremely dangerous. One kid was already hit by a bus there.