Margaret C

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  • 2957–3049 Mansell Rd Roswell 30076, United States - Roswell
    Resubmitting issue to correct for Roswell location. Trash in median of Mansell Road between Big Creek bridge and Old Alabama Connector. It looks like a box was dumped and contents were scattered.
  • 3149–3159 Mansell Rd Roswell 30022, United States - Roswell
    Trash in median on Mansell Road between North Point Parkway and Old Alabama Connector.
  • 2890 Laurel Green Ct Roswell 30076, United States - Roswell
    Curb at beginning of cul-de-sac has been broken for years and has been a mud pit, mosquito breeder, and weed collector for a long time. It has the potential to get worse and further degrade the recently re-paved road. It’s a mess!
  • 10707–10733 Haynes Bridge Rd Alpharetta 30022, United States - Alpharetta
    Tree down (near Greenway Parking lot) partially blocking the sidewalk.
  • 925 Riverside Rd Roswell 30076, United States - Roswell
    Both handicap parking spots under the GA400 bridge at Don White Park have faded paint lines and faded symbol paint, making it difficult for some to see where it’s OK to park. Plus there is debris and trash covering the areas. One spot does not have a sign on a post making it even less obvious that it’s restricted parking. One car was illegally parked and I did find the driver and told him he was parked in a handicap spot. He said he didn’t see the paint, but he did move his car.
  • 201 S Atlanta St Roswell 30075, United States - Roswell
    This corner and another nearby deck corner have protruding nails where the corner posts have split apart, someone could cut themselves on these nails.
  • 211–213 Azalea Dr Roswell 30075, United States - Roswell
    Trash along the right of way mostly on RHS of road -direction toward Willeo- between Roswell Road and Willeo. Flood waters have receded so access for pick up might be better.
  • 2933–2955 Mansell Rd Roswell 30076, United States - Roswell
    Two storm drains on Mansell Road (traveling toward Haynes Br direction) near Big Creek have either trash bags or other debris obstructing the openings.
  • 2855 Laurel Green Court Roswell Georgia - Roswell
    Newly developing hole in recently repaved road.