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  • Potholes Acknowledged
    2815 East Saginaw Street East Lansing, Michigan - Ingham County
    All kinds of crazy potholes on the south side of East Saginaw just before the TV station and Subway going east. Thanks.
  • Community? Archived
    Lansing River Trail Lansing, Michigan - Lansing
    You know, when I first saw this site I thought "Awesome! A way to communicate with my city officials in a public forum to get things done efficiently." But what I am seeing MORE of is neighbors tattling on neighbors instead of having the GUTS to knock on a door and just see if someone needs a little help. Am I doing this in response to someone tattling on me? No. I have GOOD neighbors that I actually TALK TO and we WORK things out. Sure would be nice if we left the city alone to do their JOBS when a real problem happens and WE deal with each others idiosyncrasies like NEIGHBORS instead of "issues." If no one is about to die, then we should be adult enough to take care of our own neighborhoods the way a helpful concerned COMMUNITY should. NOT running to the "nanny state" if someone leaves a TV on the curb or parks a car on their property too long. That level of petty government interference is why I LEFT East Lansing. I don't know if this is an "improper use" of SCF but I really am tired of the really ridiculous stuff I'm seeing in here. If you see something DO something. TALK to you neighbors. PICK UP TRASH if you see it. ASK your neighbors if they need help if things seem "out of control." People are struggling a lot now. More than ever in a few generations. Budgets are stretched far enough in this town. Time for The People to start taking care of each other instead of complaining to the city to do it for us each and every time. Peace. PS Nothing is wrong in the cemetery but I had to pick a spot for the pin to send anything. Thanks.
  • Why? Archived
    120-198 Marshall Street Lansing, Michigan - Lansing
    Why is this light here? It lasts for a very long time and next to never has any traffic. Would a 4 way stop not be a better solution? It would keep traffic moving more efficiently and still slow people down flying too fast from the north. Thanks.
  • Bad smell Archived
    734-740 North Martin Luther King Junior Boulevard Lansing, Michigan - Lansing
    Hi. For the last week or so, intermittently, I've been smelling a pretty strong sulfur or natural gas smell in the morning in the area marked. It does not smell exactly like natural gas but maybe it is. Just not sure as I have nothing but my nose to go by. It is definitely NOT a natural smell though. By the time I come home the smell is gone. I believe the residents of Lansing need to know what manufactures or maybe now even frackers are up to so close to a residential area. If anyone has info I'd love to hear it. Thanks.
  • 534 West Genesee Street Lansing, Michigan - Genesee
    Tree has grown too far out and is blocking the stop sign enough that it may be seen too late as you drive toward the west. Thanks.
  • 907 Princeton Ave Lansing, MI - Lansing
    A ton of junk and mattresses is accumulating in the alley behind/near the address I'v posted (not exact). If you drive down the alley here, you'll see it. I don't plan to pick this stuff up with my home garbage can this time. Too much stuff and much of it is on private property. Thanks.
  • Lots of trash Archived
    1068 Englewood Ct Lansing, MI - Lansing

    There is, again, a lot of trash in the alley/street behind El Azteco. I don't think its from them but this spot seems to be a popular dumping ground lately. I'm planning to drag my own Granger brown dumpster over there around noonish on Saturday 12/1 to pick it up if the city does not beat me to it. Come join me if you'd like to help! Thanks.

    UPDATE: Next nice "spring" day Ill probably be picking this area up again. Anyone wants to join Ill post here when. Thanks.

  • Lansing River Trail Lansing, MI - Lansing

    Hi. When you have time, please go to the link below, read this article and ask yourself the very serious question "What am I, as an elected or hired hand of a municipality, doing to fix this planet or stop it from getting worse."

    The people who put you where you are are DEPENDING on some action be taken. Thanks for your time.

  • 734-736 Princeton Ave Lansing, MI - Lansing
    Hello. There is a manhole with a green line through it in the street that bounces around and gets unseated every time it gets driven over. It makes a lot of noise and seems to be getting worse. It may be getting damaged. Please have someone lock it down. Thanks.
  • Princeton Ave Lansing, MI - Lansing
    Despite what our state government thinks, Lansing needs a ban on unsafe, fire starting, exploding noisy fireworks. Done.
  • 741 Princeton Ave Lansing, MI - Lansing


    I know this ends up on a lot of desks so I'm putting my email addy here. please respond there. I'd really like to see my VERY old issue of a speed bump tended to on Princeton when all the construction is done. There are more and more little kids in this hood every year. Princeton is ALWAYS a fast shortcut to avoid the lights on MLK. We need to SLOW people whizzing through there. Second, Id like to know how to find any resources available to build a REAL playground on the lot next to me. Its slowly becoming an urban garden but its also a place where all the block's kids come and play. They need some playground equipment. Thanks!

  • Armed Gunman? Archived
    315ish N Butler Blvd Lansing, MI - Genesee
    So why is it that Nixel did NOT alert me to an ARMED GUNMAN just down the street from me? Seriously?! I FOUND OUT FASTER ON FACEBOOK BY ACCIDENT!! This is the second time we've had a large police event in my area and ZERO phone notices. The last one was the exploding meth house. FIX THIS!! I'm sick of being told "hey, don't forget to recycle." But REAL dangers and are NOT being put on the Nixle system. WHAT'S THE POINT!!
  • 739 Princeton Ave. Lansing, MI - Lansing


    My street's water was turned off at 9am and I was given NO notification. I read my mail. I use Nixel alerts. I read the construction observers. What more do I need to do!? NONE of these services let me know about this. I had a funeral to go to and looked like a bum with a scruffy face and general dishevelment. Luckily I at least had enough bottled water around to brush my teeth. If I got out of bed 30 seconds earlier I'd have been in the shower covered in soap!! I understand that construction has its inconveniences but THIS was completely preventable. I called LBWL and they confirmed this was a SCHEDULED outage. Why was I not told!? FAIL!!

  • 711 Princeton Ave Lansing, MI - Lansing
    In alley behind Al Azteco. Don't think its from them though. Bags are torn open or Id have taken care of them myself. Really gross.
  • 1000-1068 Englewood Ct Lansing, MI 48915, USA - Lansing
    Bad pot holes on the entrance and all along Englewood Ct between MLK and Princeton Ave. Also, shrubs block safe view of entry onto Englewood Ct if coming from alley between MLK and Princeton ave, behind Al Ezteco. People drive too fast on Englewood generally.
  • Grand River Ave. Lansing, MI 48910, USA - Lansing
    This is just a general problem that I'm hoping to shed more light on. Saw this in the LSJ today. Man broke his wrist when he hit a sign that construction left on the sidewalk on Grand River. He was riding his bike. Thanks.
  • 739 Princeton Ave Lansing, MI 48915, USA - Lansing

    Still hoping to see something happen on this in the spring.

    "Click" asked me today if this has been fixed. No it has not. We still need a traffic survey on this street. Thanks.


    Now that all the construction is done, can we please get a traffic study done? Thanks.


    Ever since I moved into my house at 739 Princeton, I've noticed that my street is used to avoid the traffic lights on MLK. There are little kids that often play near or in the streets. (Not too many places for fun around there.) Cars FLY down this street especially around 5pm on the way home from work. If a speed bump is not possible then a cop in the parking lot behind LA insurance might help to slow people down. I REALLY don't want to come home and see an ambulance carting away a child. You can put the bump right in front of my house if you like. I'm in the center of the street and that would be perfect! How much do they cost? I'd like to start a campaign to make this happen. Thanks.

    New update: Its still needed! Even with the construction people are still driving too fast and kids play in the street!

  • 735 Princeton Ave Lansing, MI - Lansing
    Broken windows. Attic full of raccoons. An attractive nuisance for the neighborhood kids to explore. Ive seen them try to get in the basement. It housed unattended puppies at one time. Animal control had to have them removed. No idea if they were all alive or dead. It has been an stash for stolen property from another neighborhood home. I found the stash myself, called the cops and they returned it. This house needs to come down NOW!