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  • 8 High St Chelsea 02150, United States - Chelsea
    Can someone please explain to me why DPW went through the effort to put up a ‘No Parking Here to Corner’ sign if the parking department refuses to enforce it? I see a car parked at the very end of High Street every night/morning and they are never ticketed. This morning, I noticed that 4 cars parked too close to the corner on Beacon Street had tickets (including the one parked on Beacon at the end of High) but the parking department can’t make the turn up High Street to regulate parking violations? Can you please do something about this? It is a safety issue and it concerns me that it is not being taken seriously. Thank you in advance.
  • Rats/Vermin Archived
    High Street chelsea - Chelsea
    The last few mornings I have seen multiple rats running up and down High Street. Today at 5AM, in the 2 minutes it takes to let my dog out, I saw SIX. It is not only gross but also unsafe for neighborhood pets and children. Please send someone in charge of rat baiting to leave out poison, traps and anything else that could help take care of this infestation.