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  • Grand Avenue New Haven, CT - Fair Haven
    There is a portapotty in the school yard in the old strong school building on grand avenue and Clinton avenue. It sets back against the back of the school where the playground is and I don't know why it's there and how long it has been there but it needs to be taken away.
  • 60 Perkins Street New Haven, Connecticut - Chatham Square
    I live on perkins street and there is a house the address is 60 perkins street that the front of the house is covered in poison ivy and maybe posion oak and other weeds growing out of the fence and front steps. It is spilling out onto the sidewalk and people have to walk around it when walking down the street. It is a fire hazard as well since you are supposed to have two entrances to a house. Can someone please come look at it and ask the owner to get rid of it?
  • 69 Grand Avenue New Haven, Connecticut - Chatham Square
    The strong school play ground is littered with trash everywhere, the trash can is overflowing and there is glass all over the place. They came to board up the window and door that were broken but left the glass there. Someone needs to come clean this up soon before someone gets hurt. It's an absolute mess.
  • SNOW RELATED Archived
    28 Perkins Street New Haven, Connecticut - Chatham Square
    Plows going down our street during the night 4 times and plows down after snow has already been cleared. Lots of unnecessary manpower.
    No sand was put down and each truck had a load of sand WHY?
  • 24 Perkins Street New Haven, Connecticut - Chatham Square
    There is a pile of old wood , tires, and an old TV sitting to the right of the driveway of this address. Someone from that house put it out there and it's been there for about 2 weeks. Can someone come and pick it up please?
  • 69 Grand Avenue New Haven Connecticut - Chatham Square
    I live on Perkins street and the grass at strong school that faces my street is very long coming out onto the sidewalk and the rest of the grass on the sidewalk is long as well. No one has been here in a long time to cut it and it needs to be done.
  • 19 Perkins Street New Haven Connecticut - Chatham Square
    There is a blue BMW suv that always backs down my street which is a one way and there has been cars coming up the street at the same time and the driver has almost caused accidents more than once. She speeds down the street which is not necessary when there are young kids on this street. I don't have a picture sorry.
  • 69 Grand Avenue New Haven, Connecticut - Chatham Square
    There was an incident at the old strong school on Grand Avenue last night when two kids minors broke into the school through a window that was not secure and a door that wasn't secure from the inside either. This building hasn't been in use for over a few years now and anyone can get into it at any time to hang out in there and do whatever they want. The windows need to be more secure and boarded up on the first level so no one can get in. The doors need to be better secured and something has to be done so people can't get in. Also there is always trash everywhere that isn't cleaned up. We need police to at least patrol it at night drive through and if no one is there they they can leave. People go in there to do drugs drink or whatever else.
  • 28 Perkins Street New Haven, Connecticut - Fair Haven
    The speed bumps on Perkins street either need to be removed or have new ones put in. They are useless the way they are because cars speed over them and when they go around them come close to hitting cars on the left side of the street . They don't care if cars are parked there or not.
  • 60 Perkins Street New Haven, Connecticut - Chatham Square
    This house has the front of their house overgrown with weeds and whatever else along with garbage on the front steps as if the front is not used for entrance. Their is a birds nest on the upper porch and it it a mess that no one living there is taking care of.
  • Perkins Street New Haven, CT - Chatham Square
    Would like to find out what is going to happen with the big piles of snow on the even side of the street that is taking up valuable parking spaces for people that don't have driveways or is it going to be in God's hands like the mayor stated in the newspaper article?
  • 88 Perkins Street New Haven, CT - Chatham Square
    the people that live in this house have been working on cars outside in their driveway since they moved in a few months ago. it was reported on here awhile ago and said ti was taken care of but it's not. everyday there are three or four cars in the driveway being worked on. hopefully we can put an end to this. also the ouside and sides of the house all have kids toys and trash all over the place. it is a mess outside there.
  • Perkins Street New Haven, CT - Chatham Square
    there is a house on the end of perkins street that always looks a mess. the doors are always open, trash all over the place, kids toys scattered, etc. it should be looked at by livable cities