Kitty Mason

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  • 1901 Mariyana Street Gallup, New Mexico - Gallup
    There are 5-10 vehicles parked every work day on Mariyana Ave. behind IHS. This is an ongoing problem and over the past month has become worse.
    These vehicles do not belong to people in our neighborhood. The Hospital has a huge parking lot directly north of this street. It started several months ago and it was vehicles of either employees or patients who decided our street is more convenient than the parking lot.
    Now several trucks, belonging to DKG roofing out of Farmington who are working on the Hospital roof have started parking here. This problem has been reported by several different people to the Hospital, City Police, City of Gallup and probably others. Everyone we talk to says it's not their problem.
    They are parked on a blind corner and leave little room for vehicles who belong in this neighborhood to come and go. School buses also drive along this route several times during school days which is even more dangerous. I'm not sure a Firetruck running code could get though this area in an emergency.
    So, I'd like to know - who can correct this issue?