• Norton St Westfield, MA, 01085, USA - Westfield
    road needs to have pot holes filled in and have the road regraded-
  • Pothole Archived
    Twiss St Westfield, MA, 01085, USA - Westfield
    Lots of big potholes in the road and in front of the mailboxes- right and left side along w/ some in the middle
  • Water Issue Archived
    Norton Street Westfield, Massachusetts - Westfield
    It appears that a pipe that runs from the Mass Pike under Twiss Street and then onto Norton St. is busted/broken. We have had running water rushing down our street for weeks which is causing the road to erode away. There is a stream of water that runs from the pike under Twiss onto Norton St. through #7 Norton St.'s yard onto the road and all they way down to the end. You can visibly see the stream and the broken pipe. This is causing a lot of damage to the already damage unpaved road.