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  • Graffiti Removal La Kaydiiyey
    1576-1598 W Cortez St Chicago, IL 60622, USA - Chicago Ward 27
  • 1447 W. Cortez Street Chicago, IL - Chicago Ward 27
    There is a yellow Cul-de-sac/No Outlet sign posted more than half way down the block on Cortez that seems useless to any bus, semi, or large trucks that attempt to go down the street thinking is goes through to Milwaukee Ave. Wouldn't this sign be more helpful if posted at the entrance to Cortez near El Barco Mariscos/Ace Hardware? I've seen too many large buses and trucks have to navigate a turn-around in the cul-de-sac and would love to save these poor souls some time and frustration.
  • 1537 W Cortez St Chicago, IL 60642, USA - Chicago Ward 27
    Please replace this faded residential zone 204 parking sign. Many patrons of nearby El Barco restaurant ignore these signs and unfortunately get ticketed. This one might be just too hard to see and is located near Ace Hardware back parking lot and Cortez.
  • 1453 W. Cortez Street Chicago, IL - Chicago Ward 27
    There is an abandoned shopping cart on the sidewalk as of 12:30pm today (7/7/11) near 1453 W. Cortez Street. Was transferred to Streets & Sanitation by 311 operator, but phone kept ringing and no one picked up. Appeared to be a red plastic gas tank along with other random garbage in the cart.