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  • 1901 Red Rock Drive Gallup, New Mexico - Gallup
    There are no sidewalks in between Rehoboth hospital and the wellness center. There are ADA ramps on the sidewalks as seen in the photos
  • 15 2nd Avenue Thoreau, New Mexico - Thoreau
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    this is where the road is where we live. Our address is 26 2nd ave, but our house doesn't touch 2nd ave.
  • 3 3rd Avenue Thoreau, New Mexico - Thoreau
    There are several potholes on this street that are about a foot deep. can we get these filled please. They are hard to see in the dark, or when the road is covered by rain. I am afraid of vehicles getting damaged.
  • 26 2nd Ave Thoreau, New Mexico - Thoreau
    The rear of our house is on fay ave. the front of our house is considered an alley. Our house does not touch 2nd ave, yet our address is 26 2nd ave. What can we do to make the considered alley in front of our house into a named paved road? Since the road is not paved, we cannot get out when it snows. Snow plows do not plow in front of our house.
  • 1901 Red Rock Dr Gallup, New Mexico - Gallup
    There are many people that walk daily between RMCHCS hospital and red rock clinic (also Wellness center). There are no crosswalks in between these building on the road.