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  • 236 Adair St Decatur, GA, 30030, USA - Decatur
    A crepe myrtle was damaged by a tree that had fallen and removed more more than 2 yrs ago. The president of the home owners assoc has contacted the city several time and each time was told it would be replaced in Spring.
    More than 2 yrs have gone by and still no crepe myrtle.
    An uncooperative home owner has planted personal plantings, though the board requested remove awaiting the city to replant the crepe myrtle. Because it is city property the board has no authority over it.
    It is unfair to the rest of the home owners for the city to allow this and not do what was promised.
    It seems that we are aleay told next Spring. It never happens. So another request is made. And again, told next Spring. Several of the home owners have asked why the city won't replace it.
    We have worked hard to keep our properties uniform.
    Can someone please tell us if and when it will be replaced?
    Please don't say next Spring. It seems Spring never comes.
  • 804-898 Pinetree Dr Decatur, GA, 30030, USA - Decatur
    Who in the city of Decatur is responsible for allowing Dekalb county water to let mud and sewage to run all over the street, athe way down to the drian system and out onto Scott Blvd?
    A large section of Pinetree was so covered with thick mud and sewage.
    It was so thick. They had to use a frontend loader to try and clean it up.
    No barriers were laid down to prevent a lot of mud from running into our drain systems.
    I have many more photos of the full situation showing how bad it really was.
    Maybe one of our news stations can find out who failed the citizens of Decatur. Again.
    THIS IS SHAMEFUL!!!!!!!!!
  • W Ponce Deleon Ave Decatur, Georgia - Decatur
    Are there any talks/plans for road replacement and sidewalk repairs in the city of Decatur?
    Due to all the construction heavy equipment on our roads. They are now full of patches,potholes and dips in the road where they were poorly patched
    It is a shame we have to deal with pooly maintained roads and sidewalks in our neighborhoods.