City of Framingham

  • 973 Worcester Road Framingham, Massachusetts - Framingham

    The landscaping is an absolute mess. There is trash everywhere and the entire area is overgrown. As this is an exit that leads into downtown (126), it would be nice to make this area appealing since Framingham is trying to revitalize its downtown.

    More importantly, off the exit and within the landscaping there is a staircase leading up to the 126 bridge. The stairs are in serious disrepair, crumbling and cracking. Because the stairs are not in good condition and are overrun by brush, many people cross in front of the ramp to get onto Rt 126 and walk up along RT 126 where there is no sidewalk. There is a DEAF HOME in the area and many of the residents walk this route. It is very dangerous for them (as well as others) and I am concerned someone is going to get hurt.

    There is no adequate lighting at the stairs or where people are crossing. On the other side of the bridge, people often also cross in front of the ramp leading to Rt 9 East bound. At night, you can not see them until you are right up on them. It is very dangerous.