• 2-40 Torrington Road Litchfield Connecticut - Litchfield
    The intersection of Route 202 and Route 118 near the Litchfield Congregational Church, has become dangerous and overly congested. The traffic light at the route 63 and 202 intersection is likely the main culprit, as there's another one on North Street/202 intersection. Traffic builds up on 202 coming from Torrington, and traffic also dangerously builds up from Route 118. When the traffic is backed up, cars traveling toward 118, cars cannot see around the traffic built up, creating a potential for a major  and potentially deadly traffic accident. Additionally, because of this, cars are dangerously cutting through West Street over to Route 118.  
  • 726-920 Weed Rd Torrington, CT 06790, USA - Torrington
    This road has not been looked at and have been fixed in a long time. What has happened to the Road Department, have they forgotten about this road, specifically Weed Street???? SOMETHING needs to be done or else the town will be sued if there is an ACCIDENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • 1897-1909 Weed Rd Torrington, CT 06790, USA - Torrington
    Extremely Hazardous Dozens of pot holes, Litchfield/Goshen/Torrington has an obligation to repave unsafe road ways like this, and is a serious safety hazard! COMPLETELY UNACCEPTABLE, should be closed until something has been done!! A mayor, someone, needs to do something!!
  • Maple St Litchfield, CT 06759, USA - Litchfield County
    Stop sign needed for cars coming from the south(litchfield) and from the north (goshen) toward hemlock hill road!!!
  • 61-99 Milton Rd Goshen, CT 06756, USA - Litchfield County
    Yield Sign urgently needed for cars traveling from CT route 4 towards tompson road!!!!
  • Constitution Way Litchfield, CT 06759, USA - Litchfield County
    Turns green for 5 seconds, then quickly turns red again and does not regulate traffic properly and needs to be reset or reprogrammed!1
  • Mohawk Mountain Rd CT 06756 - Litchfield County
    Dilapidated road, possibly over 15 years old. Needs repaving. Poses serious danger to bicyclists, motorcyclists and also small cars. Nice scenic road that just need to be fixed.
  • Fading Line Archived
    Maple St CT - Litchfield County
    Fading line in need of repair!