Rank: Municipal Avenger Civic Points: 615
  • Evergreen Dr Ann Arbor, MI, 48103, USA - Ann Arbor
    The top of Evergreen Dr, near Dexter, is dangerous. Deep potholes/craters make entrance to our street very difficult. The drivable area there is barely a weaving one lane maneuver. The rest of the short street is a mess. There are children who walk in the street (no sidewalks) to get home from school and from the bus that lets them off at the bottom of the hill. As there are a couple of home businesses on the street, there are many visitors who are unfamiliar with the neighborhood and conditions. The condition of the roads and visitors who treat Evergreen as a non-residential space are a threat to the safety of the children not to mention our property, cars, etc. As has been reported repeatedly, surface grading WILL NOT FIX THE PROBLEM! I fear for the kids and other residents who walk and drive Evergreen Dr.
  • 415 Evergreen Dr Ann Arbor, MI, 48103, USA - Ann Arbor
    I think the whole street was missed.