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  • 7009-7099 Jane Elizabeth Dr Se Owens Cross Roads, AL, 35763, USA - US Congressional District AL5
    No street lights on Jane Elizabeth, long cove court, and sandy Isle. I know it’s a phase that is recently completed/finishing up but it’s very dark at night and a safety and security concern.
  • Caldwell/431 Huntsville, AL - US Congressional District AL5
    I know we have had a lot of rain but the culverts north of Caldwell between the creek and the town houses are always clogged and puddling water. This morning the following picture was taken. It’s a lot worse because of the rain but even when it hasn’t rained in weeks and the creek is low water still stands in the culvert. It has a lot of debris in it. Also the creek has a lot of debris forming a dam and it’s causing the creek to flood more then usually.