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  • 2757-2773 Carl T Jones Dr Se Huntsville, AL, 35802, USA - Huntsville
    The traffic lights along the Jones Valley shopping center are not working correctly. Tonight Bailey Cove got stopped in both directions though no one pulled out of the shopping center. THEN the left turn lane signal into the shopping center activated even though no one was in that lane - so the main road just sat and waited for no reason. Noticed the other lights doing similar things - activating when no one there.
  • 4094-4094 S Memorial Pkwy Huntsville, AL, 35802, USA - Huntsville
    The left sign is clearly incorrect. If a person gets in the far left lane, they can NOT go to S. Parkway. That lane splits into two for turning left back onto N. Parkway, or going east on Martin Road. I'm not positive, but I believe the Martin Road sign is incorrect as well - I think only the RIGHT lane goes to Martin Road. I believe the middle lane takes one up into the intersection to continue onto the access road.
  • 115-125 Caldwell Ln Owens Cross Roads, AL, 35763, USA - US Congressional District AL5
    Can HSV city police start posting some police along 431 between Old Big Cove and Sutton road - especially on Friday and Saturday nights? It becomes like a motor speedway out there, especially for those morons that have souped up exhaust systems. We live over 1/2 a mile from parts of 431 and it sounds like they are going to come through our house at times. It is obvious (and I've seen many times with my own eyes while being passed) that these motorcycles, cars, and trucks are going WELL over 55mph out there. And Caldwell lane is treated like a mini speedway as people turn from 431 and attempt to see how fast they can get before they have to slow down to turn. It's getting quite ridiculous!!