• 1111 Army Navy Drive Arlington, VA - Arlington Ridge

    When it rains, there are perhaps three sections of sidewalk in front of RiverHouse's James building that quickly get flooded. After it rains, the run-off from the sloped ground leaves behind a lot of mud. These sections of sidewalk essentially are impassable while it is raining, and sometimes for a few days afterwards.

    One result is that pedestrians who wish to avoid getting their feet soaked, or shoes muddied, are forced into the street, which in this area is particularly unsafe.

    Although the address for the James building is 1111 Army Navy Drive, it actually is located on S. Joyce Street just south of that intersection. The stretch of sidewalk runs toward 1400 S. Joyce Street, where RiverHouse's Potomac building is located.

    I understand that the County of Arlington is responsible for maintaining this sidewalk. I'm not sure if RiverHouse might be responsible for the run-off coming from the slope of the ground next to the sidewalk.