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    7873 4th Ave S Saint Petersburg, FL, 33707, USA - Causeway Isles Neighborhood Association
    We have 2 composting bins on our driveway (stacked by garage door), from the city, that we are waiting to have picked up. Emails have been sent, but no replies. Please come pick up and give to other residents who can use.
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    7201 9th Ave N Saint Petersburg 33710, United States - Azalea Homes Community Association
    Westbound lane of 9th Ave around 72nd St is a large piece of concrete. Looks like it was drug out of a parking spot.
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    1–3 79th St S Saint Petersburg 33707, United States - Causeway Isles Neighborhood Association
    Construction work here is constantly triggering light across Central Ave causing excess congestion down Central. Request traffic engineering disable sensors on south side of 79th during construction.