John Kati

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  • 57 Wilson St Fitchburg, MA, 01420, USA - Fitchburg
    I wish to give Big Thanks to Paul Beauchemin for coming to take care of the plowing issue that DPW was reluctant to do.
  • 57 Wilson St Fitchburg, MA, 01420, USA - Fitchburg

    I spoke with Fitchburg street plower, Mr. Williams at the DPW on the afternoon of January 21, 2018. He said he would be up to plow the remainder of Wilson St. on Tuesday morning with a one-ton plow truck because did not dare attempt to make a pass through a 20+ foot clearance with a 12-ft plow (less when angled) and a 22-ft long truck.

    So it is now 1 PM Tuesday at the time of this writing and no one has yet to come plow it. I gave up on calling the DPW. One fact I forgot to mention in my initial complaint was that MART buses often take my mother to appointments, the Senior Center, and such, which is in addition to the regular, weekly visits made by home health care aides and visiting nurses make. I am a partially disabled, 60 y.o. veteran and would gladly have done it myself had I known Mr. Williams and Fitchburg’s DPW’s word is as unreliable and undependable (and shoddy) as his/their plowing abilities.

    So this is what $4000/yearly in property taxes and 25 years of faithful service to Mr. Gianetti ‘s school cafeteria program gets my 89 y.o. mother?

    Note: This complaint is in behalf of my mother, who’s never typed on a keyboard or used the internet. Also, I am not, and I repeat, I AM NOT trying to raise the blood pressure of any DPW employee or seasonal worker, nor am I trying to have them forced to go to Anger Management Counseling, as hinted yesterday by the tone of Mr. Williams voice.

  • 57 Wilson St Fitchburg, MA, 01420, USA - Fitchburg
    There is 16 feet of paved street from where my truck has sat since yesterday to the edge of pavement, with an additional 6 feet of hard ground, EASILY allowing a 12-ft plow to make a pass to the end of the street. I am a 60 y.o. disabled veteran. My mother, Martha Kari, is 89, a retired City of Fitchburg employee, and has home health aides and visiting nurses stopping in on a weekly basis. She pays $4,000 each year in property tax; and so, my question is this: Why is it so difficult, after multiple calls to the DPW, to have this simple request taken care of. My mother has been to city hall to ask for a tax reduction, but that has fallen on deaf ears.