Rank: Municipal Avenger Civic Points: 565
  • Crain Hwy Millersville 21108, United States - Anne Arundel County, MD
    Several tons of sediment have washed down toward Crain Hwy. It has occurred over many, many months in full view of all drivers and road crews who have used this busy road. Please fix this so I97 doesn’t collapse.
  • 8045–8049 Veterans Hwy Millersville 21108, United States - South Gate
    A storm drain on the east edge of north-bound Veterans Highway has a long history of flooding. Water builds up covering nearly both north bound lanes. It has been problematic for many years.
  • Traffic Signs Archived
    498 Kenora Dr Millersville 21108, United States - South Gate
    A pole holding street signs for Old Mill Rd and Kenora Dr had been knocked over.
  • 8226–8298 Bernard Dr N Millersville 21108, United States - South Gate
    The storm drain on Bernard Drive N near the intersection with Trois Court is in need of repair. It was flagged with white paint several years ago along with others that were subsequently repaired. Now the top curb has displaced significantly. I’ve lived here for 40 years and I know this is not how it should be.
  • Telegraph Rd Hanover 21076, United States - Severn
    Dozens of street lights are out along the interchange with Route 100. It’s as if there is some system-wide control problem. This is typical all along Route 100 and also along I-97.