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  • 5026 College Acres Dr Wilmington, NC 28403, USA - Wilmington
    College Acres Drive connects Oriole Dr (College Park Elementary) and Racine Dr (UNCW). It has high SPEEDING traffic with students walking and biking on the road since there are NO sidewalks. I have witnessed many accidents and near misses. This is a serious accident waiting to happen!!!!
  • The Invisible Stop Sign Đã lưu trữ
    19th St & Chestnut St Wilmington, NC - Wilmington
    The 4 way stop sign at the corners of 19th St & Chestnut St must be invisible or merely a 'suggestion' to stop. At least 50% of vehicles blow through this intersection without stopping; some at a high rate of speed. Annie Snipes Elementary is a block up the street and numerous children have had near misses with these stop sign runners. It's obviously much worse during the school year since the traffic on Chestnut St significantly increases along with these near misses of school kids, dog walkers, joggers from the park, etc....

    Forget the ridiculous red light cameras(some corp. gets most of the ticket $$ anyway!!), routinely and randomly station a real police officer to write REAL revenue generating tickets to these bad drivers before a school kid gets run down or install a speed hump (like the next block has!!) on Chestnut betwn 18th and 19th to slow cars down before this stop sign before a tragedy happens. The revenue from tickets could fund this speed bump or fund fixing that big old mess called Third Street downtown.
  • Potholes Galore! Đã lưu trữ
    3rd Street & Chestnut St Wilmington, NC - Wilmington

    The entire length of 3rd street in downtown is one big mess- full of potholes and an incredibly rough ride. I avoid this street any time that I go downtown for fear of damaging my car. It should be an embarrassment to City Leaders who are trying to promote downtown shopping and also lure films here. Please repave this rough ride!

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