Riley Knight

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  • 6817 Collinswood Dr Nashville, TN 37221, USA - Poplar Creek Estates
    These are along a seam of asphalt that have steadily gotten worse since this past winter. Would appreciate Public Works attention on this.
  • 300 Tennessee 251 Nashville, TN 37205, USA - Bellevue
    Someone tagged this concrete barrier on the north side of Old Hickory Blvd. in front of some utility station. It seems Bellevue has been under numerous attacks by these thugs, lately!
  • 7675 Hwy 70 S Nashville, TN 37221, USA - Bellevue
    I know this is privately owned property, but the now vacant Circuit City store has been severely tagged. It's on the store walls and doors and looks horrible. Can someone notify the property owners to do something about this eyesore? Thanks! (Will post photos later.)
  • Old Hickory Blvd Nashville, TN 37221, USA - Bellevue
    I originally posted this problem in the Spring of 2010. A couple of months later, the Nashville area was hit with flood damage to to roads, homes and even railroad tracks. I knew it might take some time for CSX to respond and take care of this problem. It has been exactly a year since the flood and as of today, the graffiti is still visible on both sides of the trestle. Therefore, I have not intention of removing this until it is. Thanks!
  • 7614 Hwy 70 S Nashville, TN 37221, USA - Bellevue
    Looks like someone went crazy recently at the old Bellevue Center Mall. Lots of signs are tagged and large utility boxes facing Hwy 70S got it the worst. Not sure if this is a private matter or not. THANKS for this great website and for the great work you all do for us!!