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  • 5100 16ht Street North Saint Petersburg, Florida - Disston Heights Civic Association
    I filed a complaint earlier today and it was marked closed because it was linked to an older complaint. However, my complaint was not focused on the trees, fence, and shed that burned down. Those items have been dealt with already. I am reporting this property because it is over grown with trees, bushes, etc. Is it within code to have a property overgrown with trees? Is it within code to not maintain the yard or overgrowth of vegetation? The house is not even visible from the road due to the trees/bushes etc. Is that within code?
  • 5100 16th Street North Pinellas, Florida - Greater Grovemont Neighborhood Association
    My neighbor's trees have completely overgrown the property. She does not maintain them at all. The roots are growing under my foundation. Last year, one of her trees caught fire and the embers fell on my fence and shed and burned them down. Duke Energy trimmed the burned trees last year. But, the property is not being maintained at all, and it is affecting my home.