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  • 1008 N. 64th Street Philadelphia, PA - Morris Park
    1008 N. 64th Street is a twin house with a driveway along its south side. This driveway is clogged with non-working automobiles, with flat tires and other damage, and the driveway and backyard are generally overgrown. The driveway adjoins the next-door property's driveway and thus for this and a host of other reasons the items there present a safety and aesthetic hazard. Please fine this property based upon the several violations of city code visible here. Will post a photo as soon as possible.
  • 6443 Lebanon Ave Philadelphia, PA 19151, USA - Morris Park
    6443 Lebanon Avenue. Being reported again for sanitation violations: trash out early and strewn all over when bags are ripped.
    Pavements are weed-choked and dangerously uneven.
    Also rear shed room off back of first floor us collapsing and missing a window.
  • 1000 N 65th St Philadelphia, PA 19151, USA - Morris Park
    Another junk car outfit with thousands of signs illegally posted on poles all over city. Phone number is 215 740 6116. Should be fined and investigated by L&I. This particular sign is one of dozens on 5200 block of Woodbine Avenue.
  • 831 E Phil Ellena St Philadelphia, PA 19119, USA - Mount Airy
    Despite the signs claiming to do a good deed through obtaining junk cars, this outfit has posted signs just like this one in a variety of colors in literally all neighborhoods in the city. Please contact them and remind them of city code against such signs. The phone number on sign is 267 271 7703. They should have to remove them and pay a fine. This particular sign (in photo) is on 800 block E Phil-Ellena Street and is one of at least four on just this one block in E Mount Airy.
  • 6500 Lebanon Ave Philadelphia, PA 19151, USA - Morris Park

    6500 Lebanon Avenue in Overbrook.
    This property is daily surrounded by litter that is never cleaned up by landlord nor staff in store on first floor that sells goods that often become litter later.

    Corner trash can is responsibility of store tenant and is only emptied weekly before private trash collection takes place. Thus the can is usually overflowing with trash and pet waste from passersby.

    Pavements are a tripping hazard and are usually overgrown with weeds that catch litter and bits of broken glass.

    Please ticket and monitor for improvement.

    Also per a past zoning hearing, store tenant was told to put store trash in basement to be stored for private pickup rather than storing outside. Trash was to be kept in containers or cans. Instead store owner puts trash out only in bags night before private pickup. This violates codes.

    Bags may be observed after 9pm each Tuesday night or very early Wednesday mornings.

    Photo shows location in best case condition. Typically it is much worse.

  • 6509 W Jefferson St Philadelphia, PA 19151, USA - Morris Park
    6509-6511 W Jefferson Street in Overbrook.
    This apartment building presents several hazards: 1) weeds in countless sidewalk cracks often get very high and pedestrians trip and fall as they walk by - photo attached shows rare lower weeds; 2) the landlord and tenants do not clean up the great amount of litter outside property and in driveways; 3) sidewalks need replacement due to hazardous conditions. Please ticket this property.
  • 6443 Lebanon Ave Philadelphia, PA 19151, USA - Morris Park
    Tenants at 6443 Lebanon Avenue continually put rubbish and other materials at curbside in alley seven days per week. Trash day is Tuesday. Often trash gets strewn around by animals etc. Landlord does nothing.