Shad M

Rank: Street Smart Civic Points: 80
  • 4759-4799 S 4300 W Hooper, UT, 84315, USA - West Haven

    The 4 way stop here should be replaced with a street light. In just the last month I have seen 3 near accidents with children walking across these crosswalks. During the 2-4 hours there are cars at all 4 of the intersections often going when they can regardless of right of way since children from the school are walking across multiple crosswalks at the same time which cars that should have the right of way are waiting for.

    This creates a situation of chaos. In the last week I have seen 2 trucks pull half through the intersection and stop in the middle of it when noticing a child that was crossing inside the crosswalk. The school does not and will not provide a crossing guard, leaving a light as the logical answer. Please don't look back on this after a child is hit and wish something would have been done sooner.