• Nw 33rd Pl & Nw Green Hills Rd Topeka, KS, 66618, USA - City of Topeka Council District 2
    I don't know if the ditch on the northeast corner is city or county property, but I don't think it has been mowed all summer. Some of the weeds are over 3' tall. If you are headed west, and are in a low-profile car, visibility is almost zero unless you pull out into the roadway. There may have been more, but I am personally aware of 2 accidents at that corner in the last couple of months. It is a safety issue that needs to be addressed by either the homeowner or the city/county!!
  • Street Repair Acknowledged
    1300 Nw Menninger Rd Topeka, Kansas - City of Topeka Council District 2
    In a number of spots along Menninger Road from Rochester to Alice Dr. the sides of the road is crumbling, creating pretty good sized holes.
    I hope you have a resurfacing project on your calendar for this stretch of road. It has been patched, and patched and patched. Enough already! It needs to be resurfaced....NOT just patched!!
  • Pothole Archived
    2000 Nw Tyler St Topeka, KS, 66608, USA - City of Topeka Council District 2
    All along the 2000 block, and maybe even further to the south, the west side has numerous potholes. Some are very large.