Tracy wilson

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  • 3109 Se Dupont St Topeka, Kansas - City of Topeka Council District 3
    The house next door to my house is infested horrible with raccoons and possums literally I see groups of them come out of the house the house has been abandoned since the lady that owned it died there is holes in the roof where the animals come out and drag trash from my trashcan back inside.... They also try to attack my kids..... It is bad broken windows 3 holes I have been trying to get something done about this house for the 3 years I have lived here its dangerous animals always fighting and you can hear them hitting the cabinets and doors on the inside and fighting constantly there is also mold growing all over the outside of the house so I know there is mold on the inside probably back mold and my child especially my youngest (2 years old) has had broncolitis 26 times in 26 months because she is allergic to mold she has to be on all sorts of meds because of it if something could be done about this I would appreciate it thanks