Mary Anne Bode

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  • 263 Dennis Dr Alpharetta 30009, United States - Alpharetta
    Hello again. When you put up a sign related to request 6623290 please make sure it says no parking at ANYTIME and it probably should be on the curb behind 264 Dennis. Hopefully an official looking sign that says punishable by fines. The curb behind 264 is where cars are oftentimes parking. Thanks again
  • 264 Dennis Drive - Alpharetta
    I submitted request 5623290 yesterday and this is part of that request. The inability of service vehicles like garbage and alpha fire to clear that island is oftentimes someone (known or unknown) is parked on the curb behind 264 right next to that island. HOA has been hands off bc they say that parking is a city issue which is impossible to control. Meanwhile trucks cannot clear that island. It would seem to me that the island should be paved over since it is the end of Dennis and where trucks turn around. I am looking for your expertise for a recommendation thanks Mary Anne Bode at 263 Dennis
  • 272 Dennis Drive Alpharettaga - Alpharetta
    There is an island in front of this address. Monday sanitation was unable to go around island. Had to go through island. Today alpha fire was on site for an emergency call. Same thing. Had trouble exiting out property. My hoa says this is a city problem since they own the streets. Should hoa be required to reduce size of island or even eliminate it. It is a problem, this week alone —twice. Can you take a look at the location to determine if corrective action needed? Island in front of 272 Dennis. My fear of course is someday someone will require an emergency transport and there will be issues getting out of property