• 200 Market St Cramerton, NC 28032, USA - Cramerton
    pothole on Market St, close to entrance of the Burger King, in lane closest to the BK.
  • 2647 Forbes Rd Gastonia, NC, 28056, USA - Gaston County
    I do see that someone has come out and marked the pavement for future repair but one of these has grown in the past few weeks and is now about 4 ft long. It's a narrow and winding road and from Hemphill Rd to Hwy 321 it is trecherous. Please repair these before someone is hurt or killed going off the pavement. I have started to avoid the road just for this reason.
  • 512-598 Tulip Dr Gastonia, NC, 28052, USA - Gastonia
    It is about 2 car lengths from the traffic light at 321 ON Tulip Dr. You could hide a large truck tire in it (lying on its side) and it will damage someone's front end of their vehicle. I put brand new tires on my truck this week and almost got into it yesterday.